Tech researches

Month: September 2022

  • Private DNS server: Is it beneficial?

    A Private DNS server is beneficial for everyone, not only for businesses. Why? Ensuring your online security and privacy protects you and your devices (smartphone, laptop, computer, etc.) from malicious parties. This is where Private DNS comes into action. A network owner who has a private network—which could be a company or another entity—uses their…

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  • What does DNSSEC imply?

    The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are a series of specifications that add cryptographic authentication for responses obtained from authoritative DNS servers, thereby extending the DNS protocol. Its objective is to protect against strategies used by hackers to steer computers into malicious websites and services. Check out how DNSSEC works. 

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  • Why do you need a Monitoring service for your business?

    The Monitoring service monitors resources using metrics, and alarms notify you when these metrics meet alarm-specified triggers. It is a useful option for making your business more secure. Any distant computer’s services can be monitored using Monitoring service activity. This is beneficial for detecting DNS outages, DDoS, and DoS attacks. Find out more valuable benefits…

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